2023 Istanbul Youth Summit in Turkey (Fully-Funded)

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Here we came up with Good news for you that you have a chance to attend a Fully Funded Istanbul Youth Summit 2023 in Turkey. This Year’s Summits applications are open now. The IYS 2023 is open to all international applicants from all around the world. This will be the sixth event of IYS held in Istanbul, Turkiye. The event will soon be held from February 6 until February 9, 2023, with the chosen theme of “Social Development Goals for Emerging Leaders”. With more than a hundred participants coming in one. They will represent their beloved country to recover together, towards a stronger and better future.

The Istanbul Youth Summit Conference is organized by the Youth Break the Boundaries. The conference will also give beneficial awards like Accommodation, Expenses, and Travel Arrangements for the best participants. Registration for The Istanbul Youth Summit 2023 Fully Funded and Self-Funded Program is open for both young men and women.

There are no restrictions on any field or academic background. This event is filled with so many benefits, and you may also develop your public speaking and leadership skills. The Duration of the Summit is 3 Days. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your chance and don’t waste any more minutes. Register yourself now. Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply. The Details about the Istanbul Youth Summit 2023 in Turkey are available below.

Details About Istanbul Youth Summit 2023

Important Dates


Not only will you get international networking, but the IYS will also give you the chance to meet the coordinator of YTB, the biggest scholarship in Turkiye. You can meet and ask anything personally, which no one can ever give you that!

The event will also be filled with panel discussions, social project presentations, and cross-cultural exploration you’ve never imagined before!

Not to forget there will be awards for the best participant and groups of social projects which may be beneficial to improve and boost your portfolio. 


There are 5 sub-themes provided:

Eligibility Criteria

How to Apply (Application Process)





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