How to Apply for Albrecht Mendelssohn Doctoral Scholarships at University of Hamburg, Germany – 2023/24

This is to bring to your notice the application window for the Albrecht Mendelssohn Doctoral Scholarships at University of Hamburg, Germany 2023-24


Important Points 

Listed below are the key points to be noted about Albrecht Mendelssohn Doctoral Scholarships at University of Hamburg, Germany 2023-24: 

  • Funding is partial 
  • They take law courses at University of Hamburg
  • International students are eligible
  • All Doctoral studies applicants are eligible for Albrecht Mendelssohn Doctoral Scholarships

Brief Description

Are you thinking about pursuing a doctorate in Germany? You could be eligible for a scholarship abroad! For the class of 2023–2024, the Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law is offering study spaces and scholarships.

The program will start awarding doctoral degrees at the Graduate School of Law at the University of Hamburg in 2023 and is accessible to graduate students from all over the world in both legal studies and other fields.

Application Deadline

Application deadline February 15, 2023.

Eligible Courses

Albrecht Mendelssohn Doctoral Scholarships at University of Hamburg, Germany 2023-24 is a scheme that looks to reward high-achieving internationals, and it is only available for the course below at the respective faculties:

  • Law

Eligible Countries

Students from the following nationalities are eligible:

  • All countries 

Scholarship Award Benefit

All of the following will be provided by the university:

  • Based on the applicants’ academic performance, the scholarships are given for a maximum of three years with the goal of enabling the recipients to complete a dissertation and take part in the academic program.
  • The Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law offers scholarship winners a monthly stipend of €1,150 plus, if necessary, an additional €215 for material expenses.
  • A daycare supplement can be supplied if necessary. The Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law does not charge tuition for doctoral students.

Degree Type

Albrecht Mendelssohn Doctoral Scholarships at University of Hamburg, Germany 2023-24 is primarily for PhD program program students.

Number of Awards

Not specified 

Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Albrecht Mendelssohn Doctoral Scholarships at University of Hamburg, Germany 2023-24:

  • Applications from recent graduates in legal studies as well as from other fields who are eager to write ambitious doctoral theses in a top-notch research setting.
  • Internationally minded doctoral applicants support the program’s global focus and guarantee that intellectual diversity remains a constant source of challenge.
  • Candidates who, as evidenced by a strong law degree or a master’s degree with a focus on non-legal research, appear to have an exceptional record in previous higher education and the abilities and dedication to pursue research at the highest level (in particular in business sciences, political sciences or sociology).
  • Academic brilliance, typically demonstrated by an exceptional degree (cf. 3 PromO AMBSL) in a law degree (first legal examination / LL.M.) or in a master’s program that is not focused on law but rather research (especially in economics, political science, sociology).
  • A pertinent PhD thesis connected to one of the graduate school- or faculty-structured programs or advancing the overall academic agenda.
  • Both before and during initial contact with a potential supervisor, applications are acceptable. After being accepted, candidates who have never interacted with a professor before will be scheduled for a meeting to go through project ideas.

Application Procedure

The following procedure remains the only viable route to apply rightfully:

  • Applications may be sent online or by mail to the following address, together with a completed application form and any necessary supporting documentation:
  • Rothenbaumchaussee 33 D-20148 Hamburg Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law Universität Hamburg Faculty of Law
  • supporting records All supporting materials must be included in one PDF file with the application as a whole:
    • only for applications sent through mail
    • a table-format curriculum vitae (possibly with a list of the writings published to date)
    • A probable dissertation project is disclosed (max. four pages)
    • Motivational letter outlining your reasons for applying to the Albrecht Mendelssohn Bartholdy Graduate School of Law
    • Two professorial recommendations as evidence of academic ability for doctorate studies
    • a copy of your basic university admission requirements (does not apply to foreign candidates)
    • Copies of diplomas from state exams, state tests, or degrees that are equivalent, as well as, if appropriate, a transcript of records, as well as current documentation of completion of seminar papers and focus area assignments
    • Proof of German or English language competency, if necessary: The German language exam for university entry (DSH) or comparable documentation must be passed by applicants with a degree from a foreign university whose home language is not German and who desire to pursue their PhD studies in German. if English is the chosen language for the doctorate work.
    • A master’s degree in law (first legal examination/LL.M.) or in a non-law research-oriented master’s program is required for admission. Over the course of three years, PhD candidates compose their doctorate theses.
    • A personal interview will be held with the top candidates sometime in March or April.
    • Students who are not natural English or German speakers but wish to write their dissertations in those languages must provide evidence of their proficiency in those languages in the form of recognized certifications. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages level C1 requirement must be met in order to demonstrate linguistic proficiency in English (CEFR). You can achieve this by taking the TOEFL ibT (minimum score of 100), the IELTS (minimum score of 7), or the TOEIC (at least 945 points)
    • English: a certificate proving the C1 level of the CEFR; TestDAF or DSH (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). It is necessary to have test scores of at least 945 on the TOEIC, 7 on the IELTS, and 100 on the TOEFL. 2258 is the TOEFL DI code.














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