How to Apply for Brazilian Visa – 2023

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In this post, we will show you Brazil visa requirements for Nigerian citizens and how to apply for Brazil visa in Nigeria. Subsequently, we will give details on each type of Brazil visa.

Brasil, the largest country in both South and Latin America, ranking fifth in the world’s largest countries with 8.5 million square kilometers, is one of the most visited countries visited by tourists.

Before we show you the type of Brazilian visa in Nigeria, let’s show you the Brazil visa requirements for Nigerian citizens.

Brazilian Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens – Step-By-Step

Documents Required for Brazil Visa In Nigeria

Here is the list of Brazil visa requirements for Nigerian citizens.

Type of Brazil Visa

Before you apply for a Brazilian visa in Nigeria, you will need to ensure that you have a valid passport which allows you to apply for the visa.

To increase your chances of securing a Brazilian visa, make sure your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of your return, and always apply for your visa at least eight weeks ahead of your intended flight.

How To Apply for Brazil Visa in Nigeria

Additional Step-by-Step Process on Brazilian Visa Application

  1. The Application must be completed exclusively online.
  2. Make sure you have digital copies of your personal documents.
  3. Ensure you provide answers to the fields of the Application which are mandatory.
  4. The upload of your photo is mandatory.
  5. Upon completion of the Form, click on “Complete Application” to receive an application reference number.
  6. You must print and sign the receipt.
  7. Even if your photo has been uploaded to the Application online, still, you must provide a printed copy of it. You need to glue your photo in the corresponding field of the printed Receipt.
  8. Bring the printed receipt and application, along with the original documentation, to the Brazilian Consulate for further processing.

Now you know how to apply for a Brazilian visa in Nigeria, we will tell you the different methods with which you can use to apply for a Brazilian visa.

By letter of invitation

You can decide to visit Brazil by honoring an invitation letter sent to you from Brazil. Your business partner can send you an invitation letter from Brazil. If you have a conference to attend, seminar, event or course, you need an invitation from Brazil. This type of visa application is categorized as a Brazil Business/Visit visa. Your host (your business partner in Brazil) must include his home/office address, full name, telephone number, email address, and your full name and passport number.

By Tour

If there is no invitation from Brazil, you can contact your travel agent to get you a complete plan itinerary for your visit. He needs to get confirmed hotel reservations and tours in Brazil. You can contact us for a tour plan and complete the Brazil visa application.

Study Purpose

If you intend to visit Brazil on study purposes, acceptance letter and evidence of payment of school fees are relevant for your application. If you are going for a Master’s program, get your transcript and certificate from your school so that you can present them during the submission.

The next step is to show you what exactly you need to do and how to fill and prepare your application online so that you do not miss out on anything.

Beach, Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Brazil Visa Process

To sum it up, once you have all the requirements mentioned above, just log on to their portal to make your application.

Please note, you do not need to book an appointment to submit your Brazil application. In summary:

Download Your Brazilian Visa Application Form

Firstly, after the filling of your application online, ensure you click on the submit button to transmit your Brazil visa application to the Brazil embassy’s portal. As mentioned earlier, ensure you have scanned copies of your flight and hotel reservation, scanned copies of your data page, passport photograph, bank statement, utility bills, visas, marriage certificate (if married), children’s birth certificate, your introduction letter, Tax, property documents and other supporting documents for your Brazil visa application.

After submitting your application online, please ensure you download it, print it out and sign. Attach one passport photograph to the printed form. In addition, you need a separate form which has other important information you need to provide to the consular. You can download the form here.

Now, you know how to apply for Brazil visa in Nigeria, the next step is going to the bank to make payment.


Ensure you take your application to the Consulate General of Brazil in Lagos before making payment. Once you make payment before a visit, and your Brazil visa application in Nigeria is turned down due to insufficient supporting documents, your visa fee would not be refunded. So, ensure the visa officer has accepted all your visa application and given you the green light to make the payment, before doing so.

After you have submitted your Brazil visa application online, the rest is done at the Consulate General of Brazil in Lagos.


Remember to add N50 to all deposits from N10,000.

Brazil Soccer

See below their bank details for payment purposes. Please ensure you confirm the bank details at the Brazil embassy before you make payment at the embassy can decide to change their bank details at any time.

Details for the payment of the visa fee

Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc
Account Name: Brazilian Consulate General of Brazil-General
Account Number: 0015680632

In conclusion, the processing time could take up to 1-3 months before the consular decides your Brazil visa application in Nigeria. Ensure you have met the Brazil visa requirements for Nigerian citizens before making the payment.

Brazil Contact details in Nigeria

Lagos: Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria Island
P.O.Box 72802 – Lagos, Nigeria

Telephone Number : +234 1 271 0351

Email: cg.lagos@itamaraty.gov.br

This post is about Brazil visa requirements for Nigerian citizens and How to apply for Brazil visa in Nigeria.





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